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1. Organization Overview

Organization name Tanzania Pole Pole Club
Adress 2-39-11-203, Higashitsutsujigaoka, Chofu, Tokyo, 182-0005, Japan
Established January 1, 1997
Country of activities (overseas) The United Republic of Tanzania
Site of activities At the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Moshi District, Kilimanjaro Region
Activities <Tanzania>
Supports for the environmental conservation, economic self-reliance, improvement of living.

Voluntary civil group activities, global understanding, transmission of information, etc.

2. Background of establishment and our mission

In Africa, where desertification is progressing, Tanzania is the second country to lose forest after Nigeria. About 20% of the forests in the country have been lost in just 25 years from 1990, and 391 thousand hectares of forest are lost every year (2000-2015).

The adverse effect of deforestation are manifested as changes in the climate and environment surrounding people, such as reduced rainfall and depletion of water sources.As a result, land degradation, reduced agricultural productivity, and lack of forest resources threaten people’s lives.

While the major cause of deforestation in Tanzania is the consumption of forest resources by people, such as wood and firewood, many grassroots people stand up to stop such environmental degradation.

In order to stand before the ongoing environmental degradation, it is essential for people living there to carry out sustainable environmental conservation activities.

On the other hand, in order to realize environmental conservation activities that require long-term and steady efforts to get results, it is necessary to realize both better living conditions for the people who engage in it and a social environment free from anxiety. “protecting nature” and “protecting people’s lives” are two wheels of a car that can never be separated.

With this awareness, Tanzania Pole Pole Club was founded in 1997 with the aim of working with the grassroots people of Tanzania to:

    1. realize a society in which people can live in peace without inviting environmental degradation.
    2. realize voluntary and sustainable environmental conservation activities at the level of local residents.
    3. engage in activities on the three fields of “environmental conservation”, “self-sustaining support” and “living improvement”.
  1. rethink our own attitude in Japan, and working on activities that lead us to solving global issues from familiar actions.

3. Summary of activities

Overseas activity (Tanzania)

Environmental conservation Afforestation/ Establishment of forest conservation and management framework led by local residents
Livelihood improvement Micro income project (beekeeping, poultry)/ Appropriate technology (improved stove)
Self-sustaining support Sewing class
Others Social infrastructure development (construction of clinics, restoration of traditional water furrow)/ Education support (stationery and teaching materials)/ Training/ Village staying program

Domestic activity (Japan)

Team activity Handicraft activity (cooperation with Kilimanjaro women’s group)
International understanding Lectures/ International cooperation events/ “Pore Pole CAFE”
Information activity Newsletter/ WEB site/ SNS
Others Acceptance of Volunteer