The latest situation over the issue of the Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park

Thank you for your kind cooperation!

We have submitted signatures of approximately 8,000 people!

Community representatives of the mount Kilimanjaro
with document filing 7,900 signatures

Tanzanian government implemented a policy to expand an area of the Kilimanjaro National Park which ignored livelihoods of local residents living along the forest in Mt. Kilimanjaro. Therefore, in order to protect human rights and rights to life of those local residents who have been in long term conserved the forest, we have started petition campaign to realize the community based forest conservation. We deeply appreciate your understandings and cooperation in collecting signatures from many people during this campaign.

Finally, we successfully collected signatures from more than 100 people from 7 countries by the campaign through this website in Japanese and English. Further, we also collected signatures from 7,900 people living in villages along the forest in Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Then, at the end of August this year, we submitted those signatures to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism,Tanzania. Since it is not general for Tanzanian people to express their opinions by collecting signatures, we expect that those signatures will be accept by the Tanzanian government with big impact. As the result, currently Tanzanian Government has started to take actions to hold meetings with representatives of villagers in Mt. Kilimanjaro.

In addition, we also announced to the Tanzanian government that we will still "continue" this campaign. And, we are willing to submit the signatures finally to the President of Tanzania. By adding further signatures collected continuously from local residents in Mt. Kilimanjaro and from people all over the world, we would like to achieve our goal of collecting more than 10,000 signatures!

Together with the local residents, we continuously try our best until the big issue happens in the Mt. Kilimanjaro is resolved.

Therefore, in order to protect lives of locals and the forest in Mt. Kilimanjaro, cooperation from all over the world in collecting signatures is highly appreciated!

Please join the signature campaign from this link and share the information! (↓)

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