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 2. The on-site situation and grappling with it by the Tanzania Pole Pole Club

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 4. Main cooperative organizations in Tanzania

 5. About the 'TEACA' of our on-site counterpart

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 Tanzania Pole Pole Club (Japan)

 301 Sunlight Hights, 1-28-15, Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0016, Japan




 January 1, 1997

■Country of activities (overseas)
 The United Republic of Tanzania

■Site of activities
 At the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Moshi District, Kilimankaro Region

■Scope of activities
  Supports for the environmental conservation, economic self-reliance, improvement of living, etc.
  Voluntary civil group activities, global understanding, transmission of information, etc.

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The on-site situation and grappling with it by the Tanzania Pole Pole Club

The Tanzania Pole Pole Club of Japan is one of citizenry groups established in 1997. In Tanzania where our activity site is, caused by growing population, following increased demand for firewood, wood for charcoal and so on, forests with an area of 412 thousand hectares are said to have been lost a year. A decrease rate in forests is 1.2% a year, and if such decrease goes on, every forests are to be lost in a little over 80 years. A decrease in forests takes the form of a lack of firewood and wood for charcoal and a reduction in rainfall, which has pressed livelihoods of people living there.

We have got involved in the 3 domains of following activities in cooperation with a local NGO of the TEACA (Tanzanian Environmental Action Association) since 1997 in order to solve such issues on a regional level:
Supports for;
(1) Environmental conservation,
(2) Economic self-reliance and
(3) Improvement of living, in the villages.

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Scope of our activities

(1) Overseas (in Tanzania)
i) Environmental conservation:
Activities of tree planting in the villages, to build up a system or framework of the sustainable forestry conservation and management by a local community initiative.

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ii) Economic self-reliance:
Supports for gaining a supplementary income for households (beekeeping, chicken farming) and groups' savings.

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iii) Improvement of living:
Prevailing of proper skills suitable for on-site living (improved wood-fired cooking ovens), supports for an improvement of household economy (supports for coffee farmers).

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iv) Others:
Arrangements for training and study tours, supports for an improvement of social infrastructure (medical clinics and rehabilitation of traditional furrows), etc.

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(2) Home (in Japan)
i) Voluntary civil group activities:
Activities in Japan for a livelihood assistance through sale of handicrafts produced by Tanzanian women, to proceed with a 'proud forest' project for villagers on the southern slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

ii) Global understanding:
To hold a voluntary tree-planting work camp with Japanese volunteers and villagers in Tanzania, to participate in international cooperation events, to hold lecture presentations.

iii) Transmission of information:
News letter, website, social media etc.

iv) Others:
An acceptance of interns, a collection of postcards with clerical errors, used stamps and disused books for fund-raising for activities, etc.


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Main cooperative organizations in Tanzania

(1) TEACA (Tanzanian Environmental Action Association), P.O.Box 8098, Moshi District, Tanzania

(2) KIWAKABO (Kikundi cha Wakulima wa Kahawa bora), P.O. Box 1814, Moshi District, Tanzania

(3) KIHACONE (Kilimanjaro Half-mile Forest Strip Conservation Network), Kilimanjaro Region, Moshi District, Tanzania

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About the 'TEACA' of our on-site counterpart

In Africa, a deterioration of an environment such as deforestation and desertification is advancing while efforts to halt such deterioration and to improve living conditions by own ability of people living there have been made. The TEACA (Tanzanian Environmental Action Association) being our local counterpart is one of NGOs engaging in such activities.

The TEACA was established in 1989 by villagers of Tema Village located at altitudes between 1,300m-1,800m on the southeastern slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a population of approximately 4,000. They had been driven by a sense of impending crisis whether or not changes (deterioration) in an environment surrounding them such as a reduction in rainfall, depletion of water sources and so on might have been caused by a decrease in trees from forests around villages. They therefore have risen up to get lost forests back and protect their own livelihood. The TEACA being the NGO established by community people was born out of their tree planting activities.

Over 25 years, the TEACA has raised saplings of 900 thousand at nurseries, which have been planted on the vegetation removed slope of the mountain and or distributed to villages of the areas. Saplings planted at the beginning of their activities have now exceeded more than 15 meters in height, and the mountainside having been bare in the past is now in the cool shade of trees.

Since 1997, the Tanzania Pole Pole Club has continued financial assistance and simultaneously dispatched periodically and repeatedly the Japanese staff of the Club as project advisers over nearly 20 years to the TEACA.

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